Swing trading sellers to downside targets

Swing trading sellers to downside targets

Swing trading sellers to downside targets

Swing trading on the S&P500 emini futures – looking for support and resistance in price action.

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The S&P500 emini future is still holding its bullish long term trend. Price has touched the supporting trend line at 1330 and showing some price failure at these levels. Price failure is occurring from 1330.75 to 1335. Watch the overnight to see if we test below here and then watch for a gap down in equities trading in the morning.

Swing trading targets on the upside to 1340 then back to the consolidation zone up to 1350. Targets on the move down to 1330.75 and then a break to 1323 at the 200MA In red and if continued watch for another test to 1300. From 1330 to 1340 there could be a price consolidation zone where price will move until direction is taken by either the buyers or sellers. The short term point of control for the S&P500 emini futures swing trader is 1336.


Swing trading course looks at price and direction, the support and resistance and the direction of the market.

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The S&P500 emini futures is one of the largest professionally day traded markets in the world. Our Day trading course focuses on training you on how to see price and direction in the marketplace and how to leverage your strengths to take a profit out of the market.

Disclaimer: day trading is high risk, do your own work : The efficacy of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis is disputed by efficient market hypothesis which states that stock market prices are essentially unpredictable. Be responsible for your trades, do your own work and never rely on others. When searching for a Swing trading course, be sure you understand the risks involved in swing trading.


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