Calgary Trading Course – Sept 13 -15

Calgary Trading Course – Sept 13 -15

Calgary Trading Course – Sept 13 -15

Calgary, Alberta for immediate release – Calgary Day Trading Course

Calgary Day Traders, Alberta’s largest trading community supporting investors and traders from all backgrounds is inviting veteran trader Joel Wissing back to Calgary to conduct a three day trading course.

To learn more about the trading courses click here.

Drayton Cook, the Calgary Day Traders group organizer addressed the press stating – “We have organized this 3-day workshop from September 13 to the 15th  with the aim of empowering Calgary traders in the art of trading and risk management. Mr. Joel Wissing will be using high impact learning activities to train the group in risk management, exact systems of entering trades and a full day of live trading on simulators to put everything we have learned to work. This is an amazing opportunity for investors as well as traders because Joel has trained institutional and retail traders for over 12 years. He trains people on refining their psychological edge which is 95% of the trading game.”

What will the Calgary Trading Course be studying?

Calgary Day tradingFutures and major stocks will receive attention in the three day course, making it easier for day traders and stock traders to make decisions. Popular discussions include Apple Computer (AAPL), Google (GOOG), Baidu (BIDU), Visa (V), Exxon (XOM), and Lululemon Athletica inc. (LULU).

Previous participant Keith Bott goes on to say, “Being able to take advantage of trades when the market is going up, sideways or falling is a great advantage, buying and holding is from another generation and having the tools to make it happen will change your game.”

Whether beginner or advanced trader, all interested traders and investors can find out more about this 3-day live training by logging on to the official website of Calgary Day Traders, and be a part of this exclusive weekend trading 3-day workshop from September 13 to September 15 in Calgary, Alberta.

About Calgary Day Traders
Calgary Day Traders is a community that has been striving to educate traders about the various facets of trading stocks, futures, and indices. There are over 230 members and growing all the time.
Drayton Cook of the Calgary Day Traders can be reached at 866.640.3737  for those interested in joining them for their monthly meetings and this Calgary trading course.

September 13, 2014 9:00 to September 15, 2014 15:30

The Glenmore Inn & Convention Centre

Calgary Day Trading Course Learn how to trade Day Traders inviting veteran Trader Joel Wissing for a three day trading workshop September 13-15. Beginners to Advanced traders get to practice real time trading together and applying trade psychology. This is not to be missed.
The Glenmore Inn
2720 Glenmore Trail SECalgary, T2C 2E6AB

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