Calgary S&P500 Day Trading Course April 16-18, 2011

Calgary day trading course city view Calgary S&P500 Day Trading Course April 16 18, 2011

Calgary day trading course

S&P500 day trading course April 16-18 in Calgary, Canada.    This highly charged trading seminar will be like no other you have ever attended.  Participants will be participating in three active learning games which will give them a metaphor for measuring risk, understanding the fundamentals of direction and know when to take a risk and when to wait.
We will be doing the activity Run a Risk and the Financial wall. It is sure to be a life changing event. Don’t miss it.

This three day live trading seminar will be focusing on learning to trade from home with live support in a virtual trading room. This is an amazing chance to learn the settings of the market place, how to see the direction of the market, and be able to get in and out of trading in about 30 minutes to an hour.

The major focus of our course is Risk management and learning how to apply this to any market. We will be doing an activity called “Take a Risk ™” where you will be able to learn how you are at taking risks and how to take risks to thrive. This high energy activity creates a metaphor where participants get a tool to use in negotiations, relationships, business and trading based on how they do anything.

The three day course gives you a foundation on the market and what really goes on. We expose the areas to leverage and make money in the market and you learn the times and the intent of the market for your money when you are the average investor or a pro active trader that follows the market makers.

You will be trained in a small group of beginning traders in the S&P 500 emini futures.

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Calgary day trading course S&P500

We will be covering:
Business strategy
Trade rules
Recording and quantifying results and keeping a trade journal
Precise Entry points
Price and Direction
Trade Strategy
How to set daily targets.
When to trade and when not to trade
Trading plan
How to let the trades come to you.
Trading with targets and how to manage risk.
How to get your income, wealth and freedom trading.
How to spot the highest probability trade
Mastering your strategy
How to be responsible for your trading and level of choice in the market.
Specific times to trade and not to trade.
Responsible trading practices
The real working s of the market place and how to use these to your advantage.
The difference between direction and hope.
How to enter the trade and minimize risk.
We are including:

mme Trade Journal cover small 231x300 Calgary S&P500 Day Trading Course April 16 18, 2011

Calgary day trading course S&P500 day trading

a trade journal, the trade manual with the Money Maker Edge methodology, The Trading Wall(TM) and membership to our trade room where you trade live with other profitable traders.

The fee for the course is $3,980.00.
Drayton Cook has arranged for his group to pay $2,480 .

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